RPG Combat Assistant 2.51

RPG Combat Assistant 2.51



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Date Added:26 January, 2014

Author: MeierApps

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The RPG Combat Assistant helps every game master to organize combats in roll play games.

It organizes vitality, stamina, and astral energy, the initiative value, Weapons, and specific skills.

The participants of a combat will be sorted in order by their initiative values and afterwards for the basis value as tie breaker.

It is possible to save notes for each character.

Characters can be added as favorites to save time during the game. Just add your group and the monsters with their values before the game starts and have instant access to them afterwards.

An option button allows to activate decrementing a specified amount of stamina for each character every combat round (e.g., a knight with large armor loses more stamina than a wizard in a robe).

During the combat important thresholds for stamina and vitality energy will be shown with colors, as well as specific messages.

For every character one can define a zone armor plus zone wounds. The wound effects can be automatically applied to the current values of the character.

You can define specific actions (spells, maneuvers, reactions, ...), which can be used during combat. You can define preconditions on these actions (e.g., a character must have the skill "enormous strength" to be able to do a "smite attack"). For such an action you define the number of required actions/reactions/free actions, and the amount of subtracted stamina this action costs to do. If an action lasts longer because the character has not enough actions available this round, then this will be denoted by a flickering icon. The character will not be grayed out as long as he can do anything.

Maintain the weapons of the character and fight in distance classes with automatic mali substraction.

Option: Heavy armor will lead to an increase of 1 stamina per action/reaction.

Option: heavy weapons will lead to an increase of 1 stamina per action/reaction.

Export and import of predefined templates with favorites, wound effects, skills, and actions is possible through iTunes connection.

You can add groups of character to easily add them with one click! Non-hero characters can be added in multitude (e.g., add 10 Orks).

Lastly a compete notification system is included! You can use it to be reminded in a specific combat round that something cruel will happen :), or e.g., if some special firebolt your wizard has launched happens in 5 combat rounds.

Because everything is free configurable, you can adjust RPGCA completely to a roll play system and furthermore you can add your own house rules!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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